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The Anti-tripping Warning System for elevators


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There are numerous reasons why elevators misalign. In most cases, there are no warning signs. As a matter of fact, misalignment is so unpredictable and down-right dangerous, it usually results in serious injuries and liability issues. No wonder it's the most common cause of elevator lawsuits.


But if the misalignment is a risk that property managers and elevator service companies have to accept, why not shine a light on such a potentially hazardous area?


That's why property managers and their service companies are installing SillGlow. The Anti-tripping Warning System for elevators.

SillGlow® is a patent-pending, blinking, visual alarm installed on the platform guard just below the car sill. It alerts passengers in case of an unexpected misalignment hazard.




* Not including installation
Perfect for:
Cab/Elevator/Management Companies
International Danger Symbol
Caution  Sign
You can also order your favorite design on a new platform guard
Pick from 4 bright colors
Neon Green
Neon Yellow
Neon Orange
Neon Blue

Installation is quick and easy, a few self-tapping screws and feed it 110 volts. That's it!

Want a custom sillglow design? We do those too!

Need more information, call us or send an e-mail,

a SillGlow representative will answer any questions


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